MAVS Monthly Nov 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to our Mavericks family! Like many of you, I have been traveling this week. When traveling, my lovely girlfriend Megan likes to spend our down time in the airport walking from terminal to terminal reading snippets of a book from every bookstore we pass. While waiting to board our flight to Atlanta this week we were adhering to this time honored tradition of time killing when she tapped me on the shoulder and asked;

“Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?”

As you would expect this question was perplexing as I am obviously a halfway functional person. Playing along, I answered “a coffee bean duh” because of my affinity for coffee. With a pleased smile, she pulled a little book titled with that question and a picture of a cartoon coffee bean on the cover from behind her back.

Carrots, eggs, and coffee beans are all things that are subjected to boiling water. A carrot starts hard and crunchy, but after being boiled turns to mush. An egg is effected by the boiling water and firms up, but stays hidden behind it’s thin shell. A coffee bean changes the water.

If you haven’t caught on yet, “this is the point I realized Megan was trying to teach me something” the boiling water is an analogy for stress. All three of our options were subjected to the same stressor but reacted vastly differently. The carrot, appearing to be tough and hard, softened up under the stress and turned to mush. The egg, while it seemed un-effected on the outside, turned hard and unforgiving behind it’s thin shell. The coffee bean refused to be altered. Instead of changing, the coffee bean turns the boiling water into a delicious, steaming, aromatic, glorious, caffeine filled pot of heaven called coffee. So, next time you feel like you’ve been dropped into a boiling pot of life water, take a minute and think about how you want to respond…. Be right back. I need a refill.

Winter Workouts:

The ladies have been working diligently at practice and our coaching staff is very pleased with how they have been improving. Mavericks winter program has been designed to “test, develop, retest,” to get an idea of how our athletes are improving throughout the program. We will have a retest day to collect our second round of numbers, sometime in Late December or January. Our guest speakers and coaches have all been very complimentary of the ladies and their attention to detail. We have a line up of speakers to come that we are very excited about.

Upcoming speakers:

Kelly MacLean Dec 1st: Kelly MaClean is a college prep/ recruitment specialist that will be visiting this weekend to talk to our older athletes about the importance of academics and choosing the right college program for them. You can find more information about Kelly and her business here: Kelly MacLean

Karen Linder Dec 15th: Karen coached college softball for over 30 years with 19 of those years being spent at Kent State University where she was named MAC coach of the year four times. More on Karen here Karen Linder

Sheilah Gulas Jan 5th: Sheilah coached college softball for over 30 years recording 900 wins, collected multiple conference coach of the year honors at Ashland, and was inducted into the NFCA Hall of Fame in 2017 after her retirement. More info on Sheilah here. Sheilah Gulas

Winter Break:
Sunday December 8th there will be NO Winter Training as our coaching staff will be attending NFCA conference on the east coast. This is a fantastic opportunity for our coaches to grow their knowledge and bring back new ways to help our athletes reach their full potential.

Our last Sunday training for the year will be Sunday Dec 15th. Karen Linder will be coming to work with the ladies on that day so please try to attend! The 22nd and 29th will be our two week winter break before picking back up with guest coach Sheilah Gulas January 5th.

MAVS gear from Z Graphics:
Want MAVS gear? Call Z Graphics! Z Graphics is a local family owned business that will be handling most of the Mavericks Fastpitch gear orders. They are able to do screen printing as well as embroidery! Take whatever gear you would like to their location just a few exits down 480 from Leffew Fastpitch and they can print or embroider our logos on it for you. Feel free to call them with questions at 440-458-4345. More on Z Graphics here: Z Graphics

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